Extra Curricular Activities

At Palace Fields Primary School we offer a wide range of clubs for both Key Stages, some before school starts, others during lunchtime and lots after school!

The following clubs currently take place every week: Art, Band, Board Games, Breakdance, Choir (KS2), Craft and Cookery, Film Club, Gardening, G &,  T Dance, Homework, Maths Games, Multi-Skills Sports, Outdoor Games, Recorders, Singing (KS1), Storytelling and last, but by no means least Taiko Drumming! 

We certainly pack a lot into a week at Palace Fields!

The teachers running these clubs communicate specific information relating to them on a half- termly basis although as a rule most will finish at 4.00pm.

It is school policy that children attending after-school clubs should be picked up from school by an appropriate adult, unless there have been prior and agreed arrangements made between parents and the Principal.

Keeping our children safe is of paramount importance to us.


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