Modern Foreign Languages (French)

Modern Foreign Languages

At Palace Fields Primary School, we have chosen to study French and use Primary Languages Network to support our implementation of a progressive and well-sequenced languages curriculum. Every other week, our children receive a French lesson, which is delivered by a specialist languages teacher. These lessons are then followed up by class teachers. As pupils should be taught to listen attentively to spoken language – therefore enabling their development of accurate pronunciation and intonation - it is therefore incredibly important that our children are given as many meaningful and authentic language learning experiences as possible, which is partly why our children are able to experience the French language spoken by our specialist teacher, who is native to France. Although Modern Foreign Languages are only compulsory at Key Stage 2, at Palace Fields, we believe that our children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 should be pre-exposed to foreign language learning in order to nurture their curiosity about the world in which they live, in addition to fostering their social and emotional development.

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