Parent feedback

At Palace Fields we value ongoing feedback from parents/carers so that we can continue to work together to see ongoing improvement in our provision for the children.


Following our most recent feedback we are going to introduce the Seesaw app as a way to further develop home-school communication.  More details to follow!


We were also delighted to hear such positive feedback from our last survey.  Here are some of the comments made by parents:-


I am pleased with how things are going at the moment.


Nothing negative. I personally think all staff have been amazing throughout, deserve a Big THANK YOU.


The school fab! Mr Holloway and Miss McAlister have both been incredible throughout the return to school!


I am happy with everything at Palace Fields.


I am extremely happy with how my child is progressing within school and have no more worries or concerns.


I am very pleased with the support my child receives in the school.


The level of communication during lockdown was outstanding.  X always had plenty of well structured, well communicated work to be getting on with. It was accessible to both X, and I, and, as a result, X was able to continue progressing in Maths and English.


The support during the closure was excellent.

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