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June 03rd 2016

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl has been the inspiration for reading and creative writing for our Year 3 pupils and the smiles on their faces were as wide as those of Charlie Bucket himself when chocolatier Oliver Dunn from ‘Oliver’s Chocolate Parties’ visited school.

As well as learning about the science behind chocolate production, the youngsters had fun designing and making chocolate t-shirts and lollipops; many of them ending up with chocolate moustaches as they learnt that the temperature of chocolate can be tested on the top lip before being poured into moulds.

The mouth-watering topic has, over the past weeks, taught the children about chocolate production from bean to bar; the hard work involved, where cocoa is grown in the world, how it is harvested within Rainforests and about Fair Trade. In their design technology lessons the children are now planning to make Aztec masks and design their own golden goblets along the lines of those used by the Aztecs who invented the first chocolate drink!

Miss Ditchfield said she had never seen the children so excited and happy. “They worked brilliantly as a team and I enjoyed it just as much as they did! In fact, most children came away saying they want to become chocolatiers like Oliver in the future! It was a fabulous experience and it’s amazing how many cross-curricular links there have been throughout the topic.”

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