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Alice in Wonderland

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July 16th 2016

A recent visit to the Lewis Carroll Centre at St Luke’s Church, Daresbury, opened up a whole wonderland of fun and activities for our Year 4 pupils, who are reading the classic children’s novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as the focus for their literacy work this half term.
In addition to acting out various scenes from the novel, the children also took part in several of Lewis Carroll’s favourite pastimes: origami and tangram puzzles. They sat transfixed as the meanings behind each of the panels in the beautiful stained glass window, dedicated to his memory, were explained to them. Equally enthralling were the facts about how Lewis came to create the characters in his book: the white rabbit being his father who was always late for everything and himself, the Dodo.
Costumes were handed out before the children, along with Miss Wiswall, formed a long procession of Alices, Mad Hatters, Cheshire Cats and the like, making their way to a table set ready for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

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