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Jeans for Genes Day

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September 26th 2016

Jeans for Genes 2

Around 250 pupils and staff each contributed £1 and ‘donned their denim’ in support of this year’s ‘Jeans for Gene’s Day’. All money raised for the charity will go towards helping fund a range of initiatives that help improve the lives of children affected by a genetic disorder.

Mrs Williams said, “’We’re so fortunate to have such caring pupils and such a supportive community.  Their empathy for others is wonderful to see.”

The charity also develops resources for schools to make pupils more aware the difficulties that children with genetic disorders lead and the morning assembly ended with a very powerful film, narrated by a young girl whose brother suffered from a degenerative genetic disorder.

A Year 5 pupil said, “The film made me feel very sad. The most upsetting thing was that some of these children are picked on. It must hurt them very much. I feel very lucky that I don’t have anything wrong with me and hope our money will help people.”


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