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Art Attack in the hall!

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October 17th 2016

The result of Key Stage 2’s latest Art project is taking pride of place in the school hall!

The wire and paper sculpture, which runs along the entire width of the hall is the culmination of 4 days of workshops with Visual Artist Julie Mitchell.

Mrs Williams said,  ‘At Palace Fields we are committed to providing a curriculum which inspires pupils to achieve their full potential. This was an amazing experience and every child made the most of the opportunity! What an enthusiastic group of learners we have – we are just so proud of them.’

Based on a theme of ‘Ethnic Patterns from Around the World’, our children drew comparisons between 2D and 3D artwork and learnt about the three dimensions of width, depth and height as they worked at patterns from Australia, North America, India, Europe, South America and Africa (including Ancient Egypt).

Every child in Key Stage 2 had a part to play in making the sculpture and over the 4 days in addition to the various art skills they were taught they also learnt many others ranging  from problem solving and team building to fine motor manipulation with wire and wire cutting and generally have a great time!

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