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December 13th 2016

Critter 1

When Wayne and Jack visited Palace Fields Primary School recently, taking along their friends Sam, Oscar, Tilly, Ruby and Spike it looked like it was going to be a day like most others until those ‘friends’ turned out to be a Burmese python, a leopard gecko, a tegue, a tarantula and a tortoise!

Each class had what was quite literally a ‘hands on’ workshop with ‘Critters2U’ as Wayne and Jack shared fun facts and interesting information about each of these animals and others they had brought along too.

Children and staff brave enough, were given the opportunity to hold the ‘critters’ and Wayne deemed Palace Fields to be ‘one of the bravest schools ever visited!’

Year 4 pupil Erin, who has always been terrified of spiders said, “Even when I see a little one in my room I scream. When I saw Ruby the tarantula I was really scared and cried but Wayne told me it’d be OK and she wouldn’t hurt me. I didn’t want to that but I did give her a high five.”

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