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Art and Design

We believe that art and design have a significant role in promoting the well-being of all children. It is a vital part of children’s education and that all children should be inspired and enthused about art. All children will be given the opportunity to express themselves in an imaginative way, allowing their creativity and individuality to flourish through every art experience.

In accordance with the national curriculum, our intention when teaching Art and Design is to ensure that all children develop the necessary knowledge and skills so that they are confident and independent when producing their own art work using a range of media.

We will provide an art curriculum that includes a diverse knowledge of a range of artists, cultures and that children will understand the historical development of different art forms. Children will have the opportunity to analyse and respond critically to their own work. Our curriculum is carefully sequenced so that knowledge and skills are progressively built upon and that children will revisit and develop them further over time.

Overall, children will have the opportunity to understand and respond to the world in a unique way and develop their own interpretations. Children will develop an awareness of the key elements of art: line, shape, colour, texture, form, space and value and become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art, craft and design techniques.