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Thrive at Palace Fields

Thrive was introduced at Palace Fields in June 2019 and has gone from strength to strength.

We have been working hard at creating and embedding a whole school approach. This means every child at Palace Fields has their social and emotional needs addressed and nurtured whether that be within their class setting, small groups or during 1:1 sessions.


What is Thrive?

Thrive is a social and emotion intervention that helps with the early identification of any emotional development needs in children. When this happens, a differentiated provision can be put into place.

Thrive uses six developmental strands (five are used by primary schools), these translate into six fundamental aspects of learning for emotional and social development.


Why Palace Fields use Thrive?

Addressing emotional development needs builds resilience and resourcefulness, decreases the risk of mental illness and helps those children who may be at risk of underachieving re-engage with learning.


Who is Thrive used for?

All children: Our whole school approach means we use our Thrive knowledge to enable every child to enhance their emotional and social skills and improve their emotional wellbeing. As a class, the children are regularly assessed using the Thrive online system. This allows us to create an age appropriate class action plan.

Small groups and individuals: Thrive is also used for those who may need a little additional support to manage their strong feelings or emotions. These children may be struggling academically or causing concern because of their behaviour.  At the same time sometimes children may lack confidence in their social interactions and may be invited to be part of small group or individual sessions of Thrive. 

When life happens: for those who suddenly experience hurtful, shocking, strange or traumatic life events, such as a bereavement, a parent’s redundancy etc…

When a child is identified as potentially needing some additional support with their social and emotional needs, they will have an individual assessment carried out, an individual action plan developed and a Thrive passport created. This means any adult working with the child will be aware of any triggers the child has, how the child will communicate this with others and the appropriate strategies to use to help them.

These children will also have a Thrive card, which means that they can access the Thrive room at any time throughout the day. 


The whole school approach was implemented and is currently led by our specialist Thrive practitioner Ms. Victoria McCaffrey. You can find more information at: